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Janet Bryan 
A Girl & A Gun Certified Instructor,
A Girl & A Gun Certified RSO, NRA Certified Instructor,
NRA Certified Chief Range Safety Officer,
USCCA Certified Instructor
Image Based Decisional Drills Instructor through
The Complete Combatant
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Janet Bryan is a NRA Certified Pistol and Rifle Instructor, Chief Range Safety Officer, Range Safety Officer, NRA Certified Personal Protection In The Home, Home Firearms Safety, and Refuse to be a Victim Instructor.  She is also an A Girl & A Gun Certified Instructor, A Girl & A Gun Certified RSO, USCCA Certified Instructor and Glock Certified Armorer. Janet recently completed the Image Based Decisional Drills Instructor course through The Complete Combatant. 

Janet began shooting long-guns when very young with her older brother and moved to hand guns in the early 80’s.  After starting a family she paused her shooting activities until a friend of the family enticed her to get the Ohio Concealed Handgun License in 2012.  The passion was kindled once again and she has trained with Mid-Ohio Firearms Training Academy, Vance Outdoors Home Defense Courses 1-6 and the Tactical Defense Institute of Ohio.  She has taken up shooting in IDPA (International Defensive Pistol Association) competitions and is looking to join the Glock Shooting Sports League in the future.

Janet is the current Facilitator of A Girl and A Gun National Shooting League for Central Ohio based out of Vance Outdoors in Obetz.  


Janet loves hanging out with friends and family, including her two grandchildren who recently began their shooting careers with their first classes.

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